Compared to other materials, concrete driveways are more versatile and durable. In general, the cost of concrete driveways is appealing since it has extremely low maintenance needs.  

The cost of a concrete driveway can range from $1,500 to $8,000. This depends on the preparation work, the type of finish, and the size of the driveway.  

However, you should expect to pay higher if you want to treat your concrete driveway with different decorative elements, sealers, textures, and colors. Whether stamped concrete or exposed aggregate driveways, it can help you a lot if you know the price differences.  

Before you hire concrete contractors for the project, here are several factors to consider that can affect the cost of a concrete driveway: 

Orientation of the Ground 

The ground formation is one factor that affects the cost of installing a concrete driveway. Sloping or steep areas typically add costs of around $12 per square meter. Also, the price for a concrete driveway installation increases with uneven ground. You should verify with the concrete contractor as to how the cost differs in your situation. 

Finishes and Textures 

The form of concrete used also influences the overall cost of a driveway installation. Aside from that, if you want to add decorative patterns and elements to your driveway, you should expect to pay more.  

Another factor to consider is your desired finish and texture. Do you want a stamped concrete driveway? Do you like an exposed aggregate concrete driveway? Are you planning to stain your concrete driveway? These factors can add to the overall price.  

The Size of the Project 

The size of the project greatly influences the costs of materials and labor. Because of this, you will have to hire a professional concrete contractor to measure the width and length of the area. This will help you have an idea of how much the concrete driveway installation will cost you.  

In general, you will need a few concreting materials if you’ve got a single driveway with 3 meters in width and 6 meters in length. However, the orientation of the ground can be sloping. Because of this, you will require more work to tackle the difficulties of the installation. It will also require more materials to improve the driveway’s quality.  

Preparation Work 

The amount of preparation work needed also affects the overall cost of installing a concrete driveway. Costs differ depending on your overall goal. For instance, you should expect to pay more if you’ve got an old driveway and you want to remove it. This will incur additional cost for the labor.  

On the other hand, you might spend less if you are installing a new driveway. However, you might have to remove some bushes or trees. Excavating the area increases the overall cost.  

Though you might have to spend upfront for a beautiful concrete driveway, it will still be worth it since it increases the value of your home. Keep in mind that your driveway is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your house. Having a beautiful driveway will greatly improve your curb appeal.