Both Bills Passed Into Law

Not only did the State of Minnesota (with the foresight of it's legislators) pass into law, a bill making it illegal to dewater the Coldwater Spring, but also put the Coldwater Spring area back into the Ft. Snelling Historic District, and spelled it out for the Airport that if they acquire the Coldwater Springs Property for over flight rights, they may allow the DNR to manage the property itself, as public park. This would most likely be done by Ft. Snelling State Park.

Please call or write your:
Senators ( and Representatives ( and Governor Venture, he signed both bills into law ( and thank them for voting in favor to allow this to happen, and be sure to include

Mark Gleason -
Julie Sabo -
Margaret Kelliher -
Karen Clark -
Jean Wagenius -
For their leadership in this process.


Text of bills.....

S.F. 1, 2001 1st Special Session, 1st engrossment (signed into law on 6-30-01)

10.29 Sec. 17. [CORRECTION 6.] Minnesota Statutes 2000, section
10.30 473.608, is amended by adding a subdivision to read:
10.31 Subd. 2a. [COLDWATER SPRINGS PROPERTY.] (a) The
10.32 metropolitan airports commission may acquire property,
10.33 consisting of approximately 27 acres in and around Coldwater
10.34 Springs in Hennepin county, from the Secretary of the Interior
10.35 of the United States or any other federal official or agency
10.36 authorized to transfer the property. If the commission acquires
11.1 the property, the commission may convey all of its interest in
11.2 the property, other than the interest permitted to be retained
11.3 under paragraph (b), to the commissioner of natural resources
11.4 for park, green space, or similar uses.
11.5 (b) To preserve its ability to conduct current or future
11.6 aviation operations at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International
11.7 Airport and to protect the commission from potential liability
11.8 for those aviation operations, the commission may:
11.9 (1) retain an easement permitting overflight or another
11.10 similar property interest in the property; or
11.11 (2) impose restrictions on the transferred property's use
11.12 that would be inconsistent with or may create conflicts with
11.13 aviation operations.
11.14 [EFFECTIVE DATE.] This section applies in the counties of
11.15 Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington
11.16 and is effective the day following its final enactment.

S.F No. 2049, 1st Engrossment: 82nd Legislative Session (2001-2002) Posted on Apr 17, 2001

1.1 A bill for an act
1.2 relating to historic preservation; recognizing and
1.3 extending the protection of the Minnesota Historic
1.4 Sites Act and the Minnesota Field Archaeology Act to
1.5 historic Camp Coldwater Springs; amending Minnesota
1.6 Statutes 2000, section 138.73, subdivision 13.
1.9 Neither the state, nor a unit of metropolitan government,
1.10 nor a political subdivision of the state may take any action
1.11 that may diminish the flow of water to or from Camp Coldwater
1.12 Springs. All projects must be reviewed under the Minnesota
1.13 Historic Sites Act and the Minnesota Field Archaeology Act with
1.14 regard to the flow of water to or from Camp Coldwater Springs.
1.15 Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2000, section 138.73,
1.16 subdivision 13, is amended to read:
1.17 Subd. 13. Old Fort Snelling historic district in Hennepin
1.18 county is located within the following boundaries: beginning at
1.19 the intersection of the westerly Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul
1.20 and Pacific Railroad (abandoned) right-of-way and the south
1.21 boundary of Minnehaha state park extended (which is an extension
1.22 of East 55th Street, Minneapolis); thence east along the
1.23 extension of East 55th Street to the easterly county line of
1.24 Hennepin county (center line of Mississippi river); thence
1.25 southerly and easterly along said county line to the point of
1.26 intersection of Hennepin, Ramsey and Dakota counties; thence
2.1 easterly along the Ramsey-Dakota common boundary to intersection
2.2 with the easterly line of Government Lot No. 2, Section 28,
2.3 Township 28, north, range 23, west Dakota county; thence south
2.4 on east line of said Government Lot No. 2, to intersection with
2.5 the east-west quarter line of said Section 28; thence westerly
2.6 on said east-west quarter line to the intersection with the
2.7 easterly right-of-way line of Minnesota state highway No. 5;
2.8 thence southerly on said right-of-way line to intersect with the
2.9 metropolitan airports commission boundary line extended; thence
2.10 northwesterly along last described boundary line to intersection
2.11 with a line parallel to Old Trunk Highway 100 (Bloomington Road)
2.12 and 600 feet northwesterly thereof, measured on a line
2.13 perpendicular to said highway; thence northeasterly on last
2.14 described parallel line to intersect with the northerly
2.15 right-of-way line of state highway No. 55; thence westerly on
2.16 said right-of-way line to intersect with the westerly
2.17 right-of-way line of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and
2.18 Pacific Railroad (abandoned); thence northerly on last described
2.19 right-of-way line to the point of the beginning and there
2.20 terminating. The tract herein described contains 580 acres more
2.21 or less. This district aligns with the boundaries of the Fort
2.22 Snelling Historic District in the National Register of Historic
2.23 Places, as the description of that district is amended from time
2.24 to time.
2.25 Sec. 3. [EFFECTIVE DATE.]
2.26 This act is effective the day following final enactment.